The Chanukah Harmonica, Part Two; or, The Hardest Working Toddler in Show Business

More harmonica joy. Thank you, Zeyda!

What showman works harder than this? The boy plays until he collapses from dizziness; he plays until there’s snot running down his face; he plays until he has a coughing fit—and still he plays, playing the harmonica by coughing into it. Possibly accidentally—but still. Springsteen, eat your heart out.

The Chanukah Harmonica, Part One

From early last Wednesday, a week and a half ago, which ended up being a very good day and a very bad day all at once—although not in ways that have anything to do with playing guitar at seven o’clock in the morning.

This was two days after he got the harmonica from his grandparents—such an excellent Chanukah present! (The bathrobe is also a Chanukah present from one of his great-aunts.)

This is a teaser; tomorrow, two whole minutes of rocking out.

Notes from the Jungle Gym

Another older video, this one from early October; Toby and me on the second floor of the jungle gym, taking notes. (The upstairs? The deck? I’m looking forward to remembering the right word for this.) I am, at present, nostalgic for the lack of snow.

What I’m about to say, or trying to say, at the end of this video, is that Toby is learning that you have more success drawing with paper and pen when the paper has a hard surface behind it, instead of just holding the paper in the air. (More purchase is the word I was looking for, I think.)

As I wrote before, I think it might be a good thing if one of us ever finds the time to learn how to edit videos, instead of just uploading these things whole cloth, from start of shot to end of shot.

Toby, obviously, was fine at the end of this. It was just that standing on the ladder, holding his foot to try to keep him from running off, and shooting video with the Flip ended up being too much to handle.

Speaking of too much to handle, and the search for the right word—watching this, I’m realizing that speaking in coherent sentences is another thing that goes out the window; and I’m more convinced than ever that multitasking doesn’t really exist. (Nick Paumgarten: “Studies have shown that multitasking, even of the law-abiding kind, doesn’t work. You just perform each task less efficiently.”)

Stories from the Laundry Basket

This is from late September; as Emily says early on, it’s from the second day of Rosh Hashanah.

Only three months ago, but he looks so young!

As I mentioned back in November, Toby now knows what the video camera is, which is making it somewhat difficult to make new videos (since almost all of them end now in short order, with a very enthusiastic Toby rushing the camera, asking “I see? I see?”)

With any luck, two things will happen next here: 1) I’ll upload some more older videos, like this one, and 2) one or both of us will learn how to actually edit videos, so that instead of uploading whole cloth, which is what I’ve done so far, we’ll be able to share, say, the best minute of a five-minute video.